Understanding Art Galleries: An Insiders Guide

The world of art can be intimidating to outsiders, but it doesn't have to be. Learn about art and art galleries in this blog.

Understanding Art Galleries: An Insiders Guide

5 Ways to Make Your Lounge Room Look Expensive

27 July 2016
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If you feel like giving your house a bit of an update, a great place to start is in the lounge room as this is the place that most people spend a lot of their time. However, if you have champagne taste but a beer budget, you may be wondering exactly how you can pull off an update that will make your lounge room look a million dollars. Read on for some hacks that will help you do just that and make your living room the envy of visiting friends and family.
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Suggestions for Trophies and Awards for Coworkers and Staff

15 December 2015
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Getting trophies and awards for coworkers and staff is not like buying trophies for children in a sporting league. Trophies and awards for staff should be more serious and something they would proudly display in their office and elsewhere and should also reflect the company and the product or service you provide. Note a few suggestions for trophies and awards you might choose for your staff if you're in charge of such pieces.
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Understanding Art Galleries: An Insiders Guide

The first time I went to a show at an art gallery, I was a little scared. However, that quickly changed to excitement. If you are thinking about going to an art gallery, I want to help prepare you. I plan to use this blog as a space to collect all of my thoughts, as well as insider tips, tricks and secrets about art galleries. Hi, my name is Jenelle. I define myself as an artist, but as of yet, I still make my living in an office. I paint and write this blog in between taking care of my kids, planning our next holiday and working a lot.